January 25, 2017
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teen overdoseThe abuse and misuse of pain medicine has been a problem across the entire nation, especially in recent years. The issue has grown to epidemic proportions in many areas, leading to thousands of deaths due to overdose. However, new research is promising, showing a decline of pain medication abuse problems for teenagers.

A Positive Outlook

According to Monitoring the Future’s surveys, released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, children and teenagers are using fewer substances across the board. Prescription drugs saw a very significant decline in this survey and many others. Researchers say the past five years have seen a sharp decline in prescription pain killer misuse. Vicodin usage, for example, has dropped by nearly half. Five years ago the peak rate was 9.5%. In the most recent survey, it was nearly 4.8%.

Prescription pain killer addictions are particularly dangerous because they often lead to heroin abuse. When the individual can no longer sustain their cravings on the prescribed amount, they may turn to the street version. The fact that children are slowing their usage is a very promising sign.

Other Drugs Decreasing

What's more, the patterns for other substances are also decreasing. Cigarettes, alcohol, and synthetic drugs are all being used at lower rates than before. Even marijuana rates are stable, despite the increased number of states which allow recreational usage. A little more than 21% of high school seniors reported using marijuana within the past month.

In 2012, 11.3% of high school seniors reported using synthetic drugs such as K2. These substances are often known as synthetic marijuana, but present very real dangers. According to the survey that number is now only 5.8%.

The painkiller epidemic is real and terrifying, but our children are beginning to fight back. Thanks to increased education and resources, prevention methods are truly making a difference.

back painNo one likes to experience discomfort.

Unfortunately, chronic back pain is an issue for thousands of Americans across the nation. Many of them turn to pain medication in order to cope with the problem, especially when the pain is severe.

However, findings show that repeated physical therapy can be highly effective for easing the discomfort, sometimes helping people avoid the need for medicine altogether.

Why Physical Therapy Can Help Ease Back Pain

back pain physical therapyThe stability of your spine is dependent on the musculature around it. Abdominal, low back, and high back muscles offer support to your body. This pressure compensates for the position of your spine and provides an anterior support column. It may seem a bit complicated, but the presence of these muscles is very important.

Most back pain can be related to improper support from these muscles. They may be out of shape, damaged, or warped due to poor posture and physical habits. Repeated physical therapy builds up and strengthens these muscles, helping to eliminate the discomfort.

Healthy Muscles Equals a Better Life

Stronger muscles help in two ways. First, they provide more support for better balance and posture. The more powerful these muscles are, the easier it is to keep your spine aligned comfortably. Better muscle strength also helps eliminate pressure on the discs of the spine. This is especially important if there is damage to discs or cartilage around them.

Physical therapy for back pain utilizes simple movements to increase muscle mass, improve posture, and help you move more freely. What's more, this type of treatment is not addictive and can have other health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure through exercise.

To change your life today, contact the pain management specialists at Chicago Sports & Spine.

January 10, 2017
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Living in pain is an unfortunate reality for thousands of Americans across the country. Pain treatment is crucial for these people dealing with chronic issues and discomfort due to injuries.

Plasma, which is rich in platelets, could actually be a key part of managing pain effectively and naturally.

Biology, Evolved

When your soft tissue is injured, the body’s first response is to send platelet cells to the area. These cells are for growth and healing factors. Once arrived at the area, they can initiate repair and catalyze a reaction for healing. The presence of platelets cells also draws out stem cells, which can modify to fix the damaged area.

Sometimes the body is not able to produce enough platelets to fix an injury, however. In these cases, the damage does not heal properly and pain can become chronic. Platelet injections use your own body chemistry to create a concentrated, natural method of healing.

How it Works

Before the platelet injection, a small blood sample is taken. This is to ensure the platelets are compatible with your system. The blood is spun through centrifuge, separating the platelets and other parts of the substance. Once these platelets are separated, they return to the body at the point of injury to jump-start the healing process.

File injections are safe because your own blood is used. There is no risk of transmissible infection. The chances of an allergic reaction are also very low, meaning pilot injections are a good solution for a huge number of people.

Our bodies use platelets to heal anyway, and these incredible injections can get you back to normal faster than ever so you won't have to deal with pain.

Schedule a free consultation with a pain management specialist today by calling 312-623-7246.

January 04, 2017
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Rotator cuff therapyMany people don't realize just how much they use their arms until they're injured. Shoulder pain can be very inconvenient at the least, and terrible in many other cases.

Managing it early can help lessen the symptoms and allow people to live more freely. These exercises and effort, however, can also improve upper body strength over the long run.

Rotator Cuff Therapy

Like many other injuries, shoulder pain can cause atrophy of the related muscles. This is because we tend to use them less when we are uncomfortable. As they remain unused, they shrink. This, in turn, reduces the amount of support your shoulder has, increasing the pressure on the joints. It can also make it more difficult to move the arm properly.

Rotator cuff therapy works to strengthen these muscles. Simple exercises are repeated throughout each session. They're designed to push the limits of the muscles without causing further damage. Overtime, these muscles will grow and become much stronger and more flexible, easing the pain from the rotator cuff injury.

Movement Really Does Help

These same exercises, however, also promote better upper body strength. With each repetition, the muscle will strengthen and encourage growth of the other connecting muscles. Arm movements are often very complex and may involve several different groups.

Besides the fact that muscles are growing, you'll also be in increasing circulation. This can help your muscles experience improved stamina, making it even easier to continue with physical therapy or working out and encouraging a cycle of success.

Physical therapy isn't just about coping with an injury. It's about getting better and improving your condition overall.  To begin your treatment, contact Chicago Sports and Spine at 312-623-7246 or using our online form.

December 06, 2016
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There’s a common misconception that a migraine is nothing more than a bad headache. But the headache pain associated with migraines is only part of the problem. Migraine suffers also get the added bonus of nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound, as well as symptoms of aura.

Aura is a perceptive state associated with brain disorders. Aura is a common symptom of migraines and seizures. Aura can cause patients to see blind spots, flashes or light, or cause an unpleasant tingling sensation in the arms face or leg. 

Migraine Triggers

Many surprising factors can trigger migraine such as intense physical exercise and caffeine intake. Certain foods like wine and cheese, as well as chocolate and alcohol can also trigger migraines. And migraine suffers often wish they could control the weather because changes in weather and barometric pressure can also trigger migraines.

Migraine Treatment

Sometimes over the counter (OTC) medications like Excedrin Migraine can help. Lifestyle changes and self-help remedies are viable options as well. Changes in diet and sleep patterns can sometimes provide relief. Something as simple as running a fan or closing the bedroom door to minimize distractions can improve sleep. And sleeping better can lead to less migraine pain. Try to make your sleep patterns as regular as possible. Taking the time to unwind at the end of the day can also prevent migraines.

But if you’ve tried these options and are still not getting any relief, consider visiting Chicago Sports and Spine for treatment. Chicago Sports and Spine offers Botox injections as well as treatment of neck pain that can also be associated with migraines.  The doctors at Chicago Sports and Spine are Board Certified and offer a variety of treatment options to help find the right solution for you.     

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