Knee Pain

Chronic knee soreness. It almost sounds as painful as it feels. And, it may be a bigger deal than you think. Enter “OA” in the knee.

Osteoarthritis or “OA” in the knee is a common condition that causes protective smooth cartilage on the ends of bones to break down. All cartilage that once cushioned the joint gets deteriorated. This leads to stiffness, swelling, and pain that can make even walking difficult. Whether you have been diagnosed with this already or not, you may be needlessly suffering.

We hope this doesn’t sound familiar to you. If, however, it does, and you don’t find sufficient relief with simple pain relievers or other relief treatments like physical therapy and exercise, you may be a great candidate for treatment with Hyalgan.

Hyalgan is a kind of hyaluronate, a natural substance found in high amounts in your body’s joint tissue and joint fluid that acts as a shock absorber inside your joints. It is injected into your knee to provide long-lasting relief from pain.

“Gel injections” and “chicken shots” are also popular titles for this. That’s because Hyalgan has a substance that comes from the red, stretchy part that hangs off the rooster neck, also known as the wattle.

The number of injections that you may need will depend on your individual condition and response to Hyalgan therapy, though we’ve seen series of as little as three injections provide relief for up to six months. Dr. Bathla and Dr. Arayan love providing their patients with precise relief that works as quickly as possible, and the Hyalgan treatment is a great way to do that given its impressive track record.

Our doctors and the Hyalgan treatment may be just what you need, whether you’re looking to dance with more fluidity or simply walk with more ease.

High five for pain-free flexibility,
The Chicago Sports and Spine Team

For further information on how our doctors can use Hyalgan to relieve your knee pain, contact Chicago Sports and Spine Pain Management Physicians at (312) 623-7246.

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