Prevent Pain with Morning Stretches

Start by sitting in a comfortable cross-legged position on the floor or on a yoga mat. To get your blood flowing and wake your body after a night’s rest, lace your fingers together and raise your hands above your head. Make sure your palms face upward and you’re pushing the sky away from your body. It’s important you are sitting up straight and elongating your spine so you’re also feeling this stretch in your rib cage as well as your arms. Hold the pose for about 10 seconds or a few deep breaths and then repeat this pose leaning over to your left, and then your right.

In the same cross-legged position, sitting up nice and tall, Let your ear fall right towards your shoulder and hold that pose for a few breaths. Then, let your head start to rotate down, dropping your chin into your chest and circling slowly until you’ve met back at your right shoulder. Reverse the circle stopping at your left shoulder for a few breaths then continuing around slowly until your ear is again over your left shoulder.


How We Team Up Against Sports Injuries

Dr. Arrayan

If you’re struggling with a sports injury that has turned out to be more than just a bruise, we’d love to see how we can help. How do we begin? With our ears wide open, of course.

We offer a comprehensive approach to sports related injuries and are focused on getting to know you, your injury, and exactly what you need. After starting with a detailed assessment of the problem at hand, we take a history of the injury, perform sports medicine appropriate physical exams, order imaging if necessary, and provide a custom tailored plan just for you. Whether it’s your shoulder, elbow, wrist, neck, low back, hips, legs, knees, ankles, feet, or all of the above—we’re here to help. Most importantly, we’ve got the modern tools and a crew that can.


Localized Relief. Right in Your Neighborhood.

Ever wonder what pain management magic we’re up to behind our South Loop doors?

Wonder no more.

In our latest video, we give a deeper look into what we do and how we do it to bring you the ultimate in pain relief.

What’s most important to us is getting to know you. Our open, comfortable environment allows us to take our time to learn more about what hurts, what lifestyle or health factors may be contributing, and why it might be happening. From there, we implement our multidisciplinary approach and involve our full team of doctors to assess the most effective solution to your specific case. Together, we bring you the best next steps to take for the quickest relief.

Our therapies, treatments, and bounty of resources allow us to help you live your best life, and that’s what we’re here for. For more on this, we’ll let the video do the talking.

Learn more about life without the ouch factor and feel free to let us know what you think. Want to swing through? Please do. We love chatting about this stuff.

Knowledge is power,

The Chicago Sports and Spine Team

For help diagnosing and treating pain, contact Chicago Sports and Spine Pain Management Physicians at 312-623-7326.

To reach out to Chicago Sports and Spine:






A Chat With Chicago Sports & Spine Co-Founder Dr. Arayan

Today, we’re hanging out with Dr. Arayan.

This Board Certified pain specialist and Chicago Sports and Spine co-founder is passionate about abolishing pain—whether it’s lurking in your neck, shoulders, back, arms, hips, legs, sciatica, nerves or (but hopefully not) all of the above.


Benefits of Going Barefoot

It’s ‘Go Barefoot Day’ and what better way to celebrate than to go barefoot?!

This national holiday not only gives you the opportunity to kick off your shoes and run barefoot through some cool grass, but it also supports a charity that provides shoes to millions of underprivileged children all around the world. And, there are health benefits to going barefoot to boot!


Tips for Joint-Friendly Spring Cleaning

Let’s face it, cleaning can be a real pain. The stress of kneeling down, twisting to the left and to the right, and moving in positions you’re not normally used to can cause a lot of wear and tear on the body. Until they invent a home that cleans itself, make cleaning less or a chore, and easier on your body by making a few simple changes.

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