Meet Louis Fornelli. Louis is a patient that came to Chicago Sports and Spine looking for help with his myriad of pain problems. He had shoulder pain, wrist pain, back pain, leg pain, and more.

As you’ll see in the video, Louis put it best. He couldn’t get back to feeling like his normal self and was, plainly, “a mess.”

We welcomed Louis in and used a multidisciplinary approach to treat our pain-laden pal.  First, we assessed the medicines he was taking and reduced them by a third. Then, we proceeded to use a combination of physical therapy and injections to treat his pain issues.  Within six months, Louis felt dramatically better and since, has gone back to enjoying his favorite physical hobbies and active life. We’re glad Louis is back in action and want to make sure you are, too.

Ready to rumble? We’re ready for your call.

The Chicago Sports and Spine Team

Call 312-623-7246 so we can start abolishing your pain, just like Louis did.

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